Das Smashing Book ist erschienen und lieferbar!

Da ist es nun, das funkelnagelneue Smashing Book. Vor vielen Monaten und in mehreren Beiträgen bereits angekündigt, nun ist es da. Besser noch: Sie können das englischsprachige Smashing Book jetzt und sofort im Shop kaufen. Und übrigens, nur dort. Die Lieferzeit innerhalb Deutschlands beträgt rund 3 Tage.

Da ist es nun, das funkelnagelneue Smashing Book. Vor vielen Monaten und in mehreren Beiträgen bereits angekündigt, nun ist es da. Besser noch: Sie können das englischsprachige Smashing Book jetzt und sofort im Shop kaufen. Und übrigens, nur dort. Die Lieferzeit innerhalb Deutschlands beträgt rund 3 Tage. Ausgeliefert wird ab Berlin.


Das Smashing Book handelt in englischer Sprache vom modernen Web-Design. Es zeigt bewährte Vorgehensweisen in Programmierung, Usability und Optimierung. Es untersucht, wie man erfolgreich User-Interfaces und Marketing-Grundsätze zur Steigerung der Umsätze nutzt. Es zeigt, wie man das Beste aus Typografie und Farbe herausholt, so dass am Ende intuitive und effiziente Web-Designs stehen. Und schließlich werfen wir einen Blick hinter die Kulissen des Smashing Magazines.

Paperback, 312 Seiten, farbige Illustrationen und Abbildungen auf gestrichenem Papier. Versandkostenfrei innerhalb Deutschlands. Reduzierte Versandkosten in alle übrigen Länder. 30 Tage Geld-zurück-Garantie.

Das erste Kapitel kann man auch kostenlos als PDF herunterladen: Chapter 1: User Interface Design in Modern Web Applications.

Ein Wort noch an alle, die das Buch im Vorwege mit 20% Rabatt bestellt haben. Die Vorbestellungen sind seit vorgestern auf dem Weg zu ihren jeweiligen Empfängern. Und ja, wir wissen, dass wir zu lange gebraucht haben. Es tut uns leid. Wir sind ein kleines Design Magazin, kein großer Verlag. Logistik und Kontakte haben wir erst aufbauen müssen. Immerhin, niemand bekam das Buch preisgünstiger, schneller und konnte vorab das Probekapitel einsehen. Aber genug der Entschuldigungen, beim nächsten Mal klappt alles besser.

Und was gibt es für das Geld?

Das Buch enthält 312 Seiten und 10 Kapitel. Seine Größe beträgt 21 × 14 cm. Es ist ein Paperback und es wurde komplett in Farbe auf seidenmattem Bilderdruckpapier gedruckt. Der Versand innerhalb Deutschlands ist kostenfrei.

Die Autoren und Kapitel sind:

Alessandro Cattaneo (redigiert von Jon Tan), Andrew Maier, Chris Spooner, Darius A Monsef IV, David Leggett, Dmitry Fadeev, Jacob Gube, Kayla Knight, René Schmidt, Steven Snell.


The Art And Science Of CSS-Layouts
In modern web design, developing a modern site’s layout is a craft that requires patience, precision and a solid knowledge of CSS. While design elements create a flow and the hierarchy in the design, web layouts build up a skeleton of the site, providing a space and structure where design elements can breathe and serve their purpose. However, laying out a page is often a tricky and time-consuming matter that is undermined by numerous browser-inconsistencies and trade-offs between various types of layouts.

Good news: there are some practical guidelines that may help you to approach the issue in a manageable and effective way. This article aims to throw the light at various kinds of layouts, show their advantages and disadvantages and suggest situations in which they may work best. We’ll also talk about the main techniques and related issues that will help you gain a better understanding of CSS-layouts in general.


User Interface Design In Modern Applications
User interface design isn’t just about buttons and menus-it’s about the interaction between the user and the application or device, and in many cases it’s also the interaction between multiple users through that device. This means that user interface design isn’t about how a product looks, it’s about how it works. It’s not just about arranging buttons and picking colors-it’s about choosing the right tools for the job. Does this interface even need buttons? If so, what do they need to do? What do I need to provide the user with so they can figure out how my application works and accomplish what they want with ease?


Web Typography: Rules, Guidelines And Common Mistakes
Typography leads you to a wide range of topics and applications, even more so with digitalization of information and web. Typography involves not just choosing a nice font, it is a complex meta language that brings value to communication, that increases the readability and legibility of content, giving tone to brand and corporate image alike, helping to sell products or enabling information to better understood by the audience. At the same time, bad application of a few common rules about typography alone can be enough to make readers run away from the provided content.

Typography leads you to a wide range of topics and applications, even more so with digitalization of information and web. Typography involves not just choosing a nice font, it is a complex meta language.


Usability Principles For Modern Web-Sites
We don’t know a single Web designer who wouldn’t want an outsider’s opinion of their website. Bonus points if you find a designer willing to give you feedback. Keep in mind, though, that a designer’s opinion isn’t your users’ opinion. To identify with our users, we must focus on much more than the outward appearance of our websites, as difficult as that is to do. To complicate matters, modern websites quickly become huge multi-faceted structures. Competing websites often offer similar functionality, but one will win out because it provides a superior user experience. This is where the Web is headed, a sort of evolution of website design.


The Guide to Fantastic Color Usage In Web Design and Usability
It is important to consider the cultural implications of the colors you use on your website, especially when you expect international traffic. Green, for instance, a popular color, is taken in Western society to mean environmental consciousness. In China, a green hat could imply that a man’s wife is cheating on him. The color is sacred in the Islamic world, and it has significance in Catholicism. In some African countries, green represents the natural richness of Africa. It has also been associated with money, jealousy, growth, sickness, inexperience, evil, fertility, hope, youth and death.


Performance Optimization For Web-Sites
Slow and unresponsive websites are annoying. And if your website is annoying, your visitors are unlikely to buy goods or contact you. You lose money. Hence, it is important for you to optimize your website to provide a good user experience. Yahoo’s Firefox plug-in YSlow provides tips on how to make websites more responsive. We will not settle with just YSlow’s tips, though, but take two further steps by optimizing MySQL and PHP as well.

In this chapter things will get technical. You will require root-level access to your server machine. If you are in a shared-hosting environment, you may not have this level of access. This section will still be useful to you because you can check if your Web host’s machine meets your requirements, and if it does not, you will know what to demand from your host.


Design To Sell: Increasing Conversion Rates
Most websites are not works of art or things made to be appreciated solely for their beauty or expression. Websites are functional interfaces that serve a specific purpose. If you run an online store, the purpose of your website is to sell goods. If you run a Web application, your website is there to get people to sign up. Whatever industry you operate in and whatever type of business, organization or community you run, you want your website to perform by getting those sales, sign-ups, subscribers or clicks.

“Conversion” is an online marketing term that describes an instance of a visitor to your website performing an action that you deem to be desirable. The main question is, how do you turn a new visitor to your website into a loyal customer? To answer this, let’s look at what it takes to sell effectively.


How To Turn A Site Into A Remarkable Brand
The term “remarkable” means being worthy of notice or attention or, in the context of Web development, naturally persuading the viewer to mention or recommend a website to a friend. Developing a remarkable brand for your website means that people will likely give credit or refer to your website voluntarily, which is a big bonus when you are starting to build and develop your website.

Any niche or industry has hundreds or thousands of websites all based on the same topic, but from the crowd always emerges a bunch of websites that re-appear time and again. These websites are often mentioned in conversation and cited in sources of information or are the homes of highly sought after products. Given their high profiles, they can all be classified as remarkable, but how did they manage to build this great reputation?


Learning From Experts: Interviews And Insights
Many of the most successful and well-recognized designers are willing and eager to provide guidance to others who want to improve their own skills. We posed a series of questions to leading designers and developers in an effort to get some answers to common questions. The participants bring a great deal of diversity in skills and expertise, and all have valuable insight that can help those looking to grow.

This chapter contains ideas, insights and tips from Dan Rubin, Jason Santa Maria, Paul Boag, Jeff Croft, Andy Budd, Collis Ta’eed, Wolfgang Bartelme, Keith Robinson, Jonathan Snook, Elliot Jay Stocks, Khoi Vinh, Veerle Pieters, Chric Coyier, Dave Shea, Darren Hoyt, Henry Jones, Kiam McKay, Nick La, Jon Hicks, Larissa Meek and others.


The Smashing Story
How did Smashing Magazine come into existence? How do we work, and what happens behind the scenes? What is our secret recipe for success? Our readers are asking, and Smashing Magazine is answering.

The Smashing Magazine story is not the classic story of two guys coming up with a great idea in the right place at the right time. It is a story of dedication, patience and hard work… truly hard work. Perhaps the most unusual thing about Smashing Magazine’s birth is that we never actually sat down together to discuss the whole thing. We never threw up a whiteboard and brainstormed on a groundbreaking concept for a successful magazine with a solid marketing model. In fact, Smashing Magazine is the result of a random experiment, initiated by two like-minded Web workers with shared passion and knowledge, as well as valuable experience and energetic motivation.

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scheinbar braucht ein so kleines buch ungleich länger, um auch im europäischen ausland im briefkasten zu landen…
schade, hätte gerne wärend dem jahresend urlaub darin geschmökert.

I just read the last two chapters. I could`nt stop reading, because there are so much useful information inside. I would like to thank all those guys involved for that great and really useful work. Great job!

Best Regards Yves

Ich muss ehrlich zugeben, dass ich von der Bindung ebenfalls enttäuscht bin. Der Abstand zum Bund ist sehr gering wodurch das Lesen keinen großen Spaß macht. Die erste Seite ist bereits gestern eingerissen. Ich bin jedoch davon überzeugt, dass die Qualität des Inhaltes einiges wett macht.

Ich hab das Buch gestern bekommen. Inhaltlich kann ich noch nicht viel dazu sagen, aber ich finde die Bindung nicht gelungen. Das ganze ist ziemlich fest gebunden, der Abstand vom Text zur Innenseite aufgrund des doch recht kleinen Formates recht gering, so dass es, wie ich finde, etwas unkomfortabel ist, es zu lesen. Wenn man die Seiten dann etwas auseinander drückt damit die Seite nicht ständig von selbst umfällt, scheint die Bindung aufzureißen und ich befürchte, dass sich die ersten Seiten bald verabschieden werden.

Au ja, in Deutsch! Das wär doch was. Dann würde ich es mir auch kaufen. Ich hab mir das 1. Kapitel mal angesehen und hab doch arge Probleme mit meinem schlechten Englisch da reinzufinden.

Vielleicht könnte man ja hier mal einen Artikel über deutsche Buchempfehlungen schreiben. Oder gibts das schon?

Klingt absolut super das Buch!!! :-)
Bitte: WANN bringt ihr es auf Deutsch heraus?
(Trotz guter Englischkenntnisse – in der Muttersprache liest sich ein Fachbuch am besten und man bekommt alle wichtigen Details mit.)
Freu mich auf Antwort,
viele Grüße!

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